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    Never Ending War: Redux

    **Official Version** It is also compatible with the workshop version. The survivors find hope for the first time in awhile and realize the best way to find help, is to go on foot. Never Ending War is a 4 map campaign that supports Co-op...

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    Never Ending War: Chapter 3

    Never Ending War was a campaign started in mid March 2012 and has been worked on since, It is a 5 map campaign (Started as 4 but had a lot of time on my hands to fix it) Has voice actors, custom graffiti, custom textures, and a custom ta...

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    Kicked Out: Chapter 4

    A campaign that is a sequel to Never Ending War. I have been working on this campaign for a good long while along with 2 other short campaigns. The survivors get kicked out of Nick Smith's car (then it crashes) and they have to go on th...


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