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Beginning Hours: Chapter 1

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  • kurochama

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    Short good campaign with a little confusing finale

    I played this campaign because I felt like wanting to follow the stories, because, well, I skipped the chapters to "Frozen" & "Neverending War" last time. I never thought that I actually ever played this campaign, but in mashup versions. Only 2 of 3 maps were added to the mashup campaigns. The finale is also familiar, but with different rescue unit. I don't remember the exact names, but they have the word "Beginning" too. Those mashup campaigns are also good to play.
    Anyway, about this campaign, it's kind of short but playable. Some routes are clear & supplies are enough. Bot navigation has no problem, & the hints are clear, except the finale. I'll explain the finale later.
    Map 1 takes place at a ship. It's a really short map, because once survivors reach surface, they'll have a holdout event till the rescue unit comes. Helicopter on map 1 is a little tricky. If players just walk to it, they'll be hanging from the ledge as there's a little gap between the ship & the flying helicopter. So, they have to jump to it.
    Map 2 doesn't have a complicated path, from a factory to an underground place. Somehow there's no special infected in the underground tunnel.
    The finale is simple but complicated. What makes it complicated is the rescue unit. Everything goes fine, & there are many good places to camp. However, when the rescue time comes after 2nd tank is dead, there's no clue about where the rescue location is, & what the rescue unit is. In my play, I wandered few more minutes with like 2 more additional tanks until I figured out about the rescue unit. It's kind of funny as even nobody would never expect that vehicle was the rescue unit. When players trigger the finale by turning on a generator, there's a pickup truck nearby. Somehow when I ran pass that truck, suddenly I entered credit screen, lol :D . So I found it by luck.
    So, as the conclusion, this campaign is short but good to play.

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