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  • kurochama

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    Nice map, works well to finale

    I just played this with my elder brother & wow, this map is exceptional. I got killed twice in finale. Once was when I explored the river & got drowned to death (kind of funny death) & later the rest followed me to the afterlife :D . I thought the next explosive was across the river, so that's it :) . & the second death was when I shot giant tank & then the gang of tanks surrounded us to death :D .
    Well, here's my review:
    - Nice map, no error
    - Many features including the health refill & "make your own pipe bomb & molotov"
    - Wide map for exploration but thanks to the arrows, the route becomes clear
    - On the raft, bots tend to stand at the edge of the raft & often fall & drowned to death
    Only the bots on the raft need to be fixed to stand on the center. Overalls, I enjoy this map :D . One of my favourite maps

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