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    Pepsiman Pain Pills sound

    Plays a PEPSIMAAAAANNN sound effect when the pain pills are taken out This is meant to be used with K1CHWA's Pepsi for pain pills mod, which can be found on this site. A video demonstrating the mod will be posted as soon as the video f...

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    Pepsi Molotov

    Thanks to K1CHWA for making this for me. I'd thought of an idea for a Pepsi molotov after the Sprite molotov.

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    Pepsi for Pain Pills

    1st thing 1st - big thanx to mr lankey for bringing original model and texture to l4d2! this would not be possible with out his original release. be sure to click link below and download the original, too (if you havent already) i repla...

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    Soda Machine Reskin HD (Pepsi)
    Beta N/A

    This is an HD skin I created after someone requested a Pepsi version of my HD Coke vending machine reskin. Note: I doubt anyone but me would notice this but the buttons being misaligned with the skin are not my doing, but Valve's, thei...


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