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No More Ceda DC - Fixed

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. Finished in 1hr & 2 Restarts (Expert) SP Mode.

    It was my first time playing your map & I loved you balanced between panic events, hordes and special infected like witches & tanks. I just hate the fact that If I die on one chapter, I move to the safe room of the end of that chapter when I restart. Also, bots navigation was bad in certain areas, especially chapter 2. On chapter 2, I died and when I restarted I was moved to the end of that chapter without doing it. All I did was to close the safe room door. On chapter 2 panic event of alarm and door, zombies and specials were coming from spots that are blocked for us like ventilation. This is really bad while fighting such hordes. I had to restart finale once because of that fence opening for us, then getting closed again and I was so late to pass that fence. Not the first campaign I play that ends with "The Last Stand finale" area and I loved it. They said you just uploaded it, but I still don't know who created it, but thanks for sharing it and you should have fixed those errors before uploading. I am attaching a link from My YouTube channel of the entire campaign on Expert  with bots (My first L4D video) :) 

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