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    Its intro is so unique and uncommon for L4D community and I wondered what that bus was going to and it looked as if it's not a zombie infested game, but a random movie scene as 2 cars passed by each other XD Thought it's gonna be really tough chapter finding those gas cans while hordes are chasing us, but was wrong. Thought hordes would come when i opened the garage door for those 2 gas cans, but only 2 zombies came XD Loved those houses <3 and once i got all cans in the car, we finished the chapter and the way was so funny to the next chapter. 
    Chapter 2 was so exciting for me and didn't it would need me to search for certain items to finish it. Took me a while to know that there is a door to a way underground and it was like another chapter down there and i really liked it with decent zombie hordes attack and I only restarted it once in 37 minutes on Expert Single Player Mode. The key is already out there in the bathtub, but fire covers it so one needs to turn off the gas so that fire is extinguished and the key is taken to open the bar and witch will be waiting. The point that not many know about is that whenever one tries to leave the bar from its door, they will be teleported to behind the wooden wall and this is, i guess, intentional due to the fact you are playing in a haunted place where you need to find 3 skulls to obtain the key. One will have to get back to the bar by jumping on cars in the junkyard and get down from that white sheet or cover spot. When first skull outside the bar is taken, hordes will come and we got enough ammo and cover by the mini-gun. It was nice. Second skull place is really tricky as all wooden walls would get broken and zombies jump from there attacking you in case you think you are fully covered and all will come from one place XD. Third skull is a trap as tank will be waiting, but it would be better to take it, then tank attacks from the opposite corner or from behind us. After having the 3 skulls the key will be waiting to easily take and get to the rescue bus XD and tank with zombies will be waiting so thankfully i got my bile ready used it and moved around that fire place where the key was to dodge tank XD . The thing is when i finished it, it said i was killed and none was rescued plus stats were not accurate at all but mostly Zeroed! so 1 star is taken away for the fact it's a short campaign and the not accurate at all credits, but it's really great campaign:) Thank you!

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