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Clamtoll: L4D2 Death Toll Remake

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  • PyReDiOt_WiNd14

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    -nice new areas
    -level layout is good 
    -challenging especially on normal difficulty
    -great remake overall
    - A campaign that's different to the original, as a good remake and not something with only slight tweaks


    -Ammo and health were scarce especially with only 2 medi-kits per chapter
    -tier 2 weapons were mostly scarce as well, only mostly found submachine guns and pump shotguns
    -Graphical glitches in map 1 with props at the beginning
    -The Storm in chapter 3 is fatiguing when it goes on for too long as a user said.
    -Destorying the bell and pillars takes quite a while.
    -John slater keeps talking when the finale starts
    -In all cases with the finale, all bots will die since they can not get on the train at the end
    -the cresendo hordes with the last chapter are too long
    -rescue vehicle can be confusing to first time players, the train will often kill more than save.
    -considering this campaign is In beta, expert on this campaign is not an option, too difficult with too few supplies


    This campaign has got a lot of potential to make up for its cons when it comes out of beta with the next update, despite that this remake of death toll I would prefer over the L4D2 port. Bots getting killed in the finale when only 1 person makes it is annoying enougn to people. This campaign is challenging, tho almost impossible to beat on expert due to the low number of supplies with the health packs scarce in saferooms as such.
    Map - 8/10
    Events - 5/10
    Exp - 7/10
    Overall - 6.5/10

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