Twilight of the Dead ( Play with George A. Rormero DEAD MODE)

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  • Based on the films of Romero.
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Day of the Dead
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  • kurochama

    Posted this review


    A good campaign with aggressive horde if played without the linked content

    This campaign, though it's not listed on the tags, is a 4-map campaign. It's actually also playable without using the linked content. I tested without that one because I usually play without mutation mode, & with only bot mods I have. There are several problems to check, but I'll explain them on the paragraphs below. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but the supplies are scarce, especially the throwables. I only got 2 pipe bombs & some molotov, but no bile bomb before map 4. Bot navigation has some problems, but in overalls they're good. There's no glow on gascans during scavenge event & some switches (though I had no problem in finding them). There are some hints provided, but some still lack hints especially the finale. There are also ping spikes on map 1 & 4.
    Map 1 takes places at barn. There are some cutscenes giving hints about what to do. However, there's a bug I found here. There's a custom zombie in a barn that trigger a cutscene, but if that zombie dies before players kill him, the map can't be finished. The throwable supplies are scarce, so it's better not to preserve the bombs. Somehow the ping spike on this map is high, like 3-4 times higher. I compared to official campaigns & other custom campaigns, but this map got much higher ping spike. Because of that, I relied heavily on my merciless bots to detect & kill zombies at the most areas.
    Map 2 takes place at a cemetery. It reminds about certain areas of Death Toll official campaign. There's also the "ding-dong" guy hiding behind a saferoom at the end of the map :D . The holdout event at the end of map takes longer than usual, & there are endless panic events + special infected. The special infected spawn time is faster than usual, so it could be hell for those not used to such thing. There are some good spots to defend during waiting for the "ding-dong" guy to finish.
    Map 3 has a unique feature about riding an armored vehicle. The main event here is scavenge event, but it's a rather difficult one because of the endless panic events + fast special infected spawn time. The zombies also come from all directions, & even they already gather around the survivors during a cutscene (though survivors are protected by invisible walls during the cutscene). The lacks of glow on the gascans & where to fill also make the scavenge event harder, though the gascan location is easy to find. There are some bugs after filling up the gas, when playing with bots. Bots are too lazy to reenter the car, so they basically slow players down. Probably it's needed to put some commands to make bots gather/ teleport when a player enters the vehicle. Sometimes bots just die suddenly when the vehicle is moving (I don't know if the road is an instant-death environment or not, as in my play I didn't get out of vehicle, knowing that some bots suddenly died).
    Then, the finale is a long one in a cave. This map seems familiar. Just as explained by other reviewer, certain mashup campaigns also use this map as a reference, but with different key mechanisms & length of map. For those who ever played the mashup campaigns, they'll have no problem in finding the ways to the key items. On this map, the population changes. There are lots of hazmat guys here, so there are tons of bile bombs dropped. The finale is somehow lonely (or no finale?). Survivors just need to collect all key items & then go to the rescue point. The helicopter has similar bug as the vehicle on map 3 does. Bots are too lazy to enter, so players need to push them one by one.
    In short, it's playable without the linked content & with bots or with other players, though there are unknown lag spikes on map 1 & 4. However, the difficulty is kind of higher, like it's kind of hard to beat the scavenge event on map 3 in Expert mode. Probably more throwable supplies especially bile bombs are needed to balance the difficulty. Despite being playable with bots, it's recommended to play with other players, as the endless panic events on certain maps here are more aggressive than usual. The original bots (the ones with slow reactions) are more likely to die first, during aggressive panic events + fast special infected spawn time. Well, at least those are what will happen if played without the linked content.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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