High in the Sky

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Incomplete & Buggy

    First chapter was ok although there was a lack of supplies as long as we are gonna face both, tank and witch with insane zombie spawns and it took me few times till i managed to beat that chapter.
    Second chapter was short and once i started it hordes came and kicked all of us with 2 special infected so when i restarted it, i started from that safe room by the end of chapter 2 which was funny and it is not the first time i encounter this and it was though a game play of a full complete campaign as i could skip a whole level if i die once on it because i will restart it to find my self and bots in the safe room of the end of that chapter where i died and all i need to do is to shut the safe room door to complete the stage, but this time it's different because there is no coming chapter and there were only 2 chapters.
    2 Stars are fair for rating for 2 chapter campaign which is incomplete and got some bugs and lack of supplies. Wish you come back and resume working as i will change my rating. Good Luck

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