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    I enjoyed playing this campaign, even though I know it's not for everyone as this campaign features a LOT of horde slaying, lots of tanks and lots of running, but I will say it is fairly balanced and I didn't feel like it was unfair at any point. The finale; funnily enough was actually the easiest chapter due to the bad navmesh, go figure. Navmesh was pretty meh throughout the campaign, I had to wait for the bots to catch up a few times, and they'd often teleport, but honestly not terrible, it was fine. So moral of the story: if you're looking for a chill experience and take your time, I'd probably skip this one if I were you, but if you enjoy the madness, have fun.

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    Minos Prime (Bill)

    Replaces Bill's model with Minos Prime from ULTRAKILL. If you want to put this into workshop, go ahead. Just don't forget to credit. Credits for LordCthulhu814 for the original model from GMOD workshop.

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    Dead Fortress : Collection

    Disclaimer : Please note that this is a solo project and will take time to complete. Things will get done, when they get done. With the amazing contributions that never get to see the light of day in actual Team Fortress 2, why not po...

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    CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF
    Beta N/A

    NAME: Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen Episode 1,2 NAME: Lying On Side Creamy **** (Derpixon) CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF

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    ion's Vocalizer

    The most complete L4D2 vocalizer with nearly 800 vocalization lines. The real deal. FEATURES • 13 radial menus with shared voice lines • 9 radial menus with character-specific voice lines (for each character) • Radial menu for ...