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Tour of Terror

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  • holybased123

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    it's good

    But sometimes the map can be too open and aimless, as others already pointed that out. The lack of supplies can be a huge burden to the players in higher difficulties. Design-wise, it was actually really good, although the last chapter is not very good.

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Version 5.5 Final

  • Map
    Sweet Budapest

    This map is based on the Hungarian city of Budapest. There is only one map, but the map is large and consists of 4 big events. 1: panic event in square until gate opens. 2: Find unlocking button for locked door in building 3: cross...

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    Pesaro 2a Ondata

    The survivors were relieved to leave Pesaro, but their getaway didn't last long ----- the fishboat crashed into the docks and now another adventure awaits them to escape this cursed city. Remember to turn on the instructor hints at le...

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  • Mod
    Tigg's M16 (M16A2) [request]

    Tigg's M16 (M16A2) [request] Tigg's M16A4 (5.45x39mm) Assault Rifle Skin Left 4 Dead 2 M16A2 Assault Rifle replacement skin. scripts More hud icon Damage increase 30 bullets Add sound skin - tigg,BiGeYiEr,Arima,Denny凯妈...

  • Mod
    Turtle Rock Studios Survivors Improved

    Turtle Rock Studios' (original) survivors with fixes and improvements. 2006: Static textured on eyes, 2k textures, no phong, no LODs, different body mesh shapes 2007: Source engine eyes, 2k textures. no phong, LODs, finalized mesh shap...

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    Easter Eggs : How to make 6 Tanks spawn at the ...

    Get 6 tanks to fight on all DS maps Find the gnome (one is hidden on each map) and press the secret buttons (one on each map) to spawn 6 tanks... good luck, ya gone need it !) First button is after the house on truck's plate Second is a...