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    Not So Chinese China Sometimes

    Let me get this out of the way first; the map has no bugs, no glitches, all the event mechanics work properly, the resources are scattered evenly and the hordes aren't too thick or too thin. Aspects of the map that can do some work is the design, game instructor text, and the difficulty balancing. There are parts of the map that are just too bland, there are almost no details, the only stuff that tells you that you're in China is a signage or two. Then there are parts where there's music and the structures you'll see's in a very Chinese setting. The thing about the difficulty balancing is the first two chapters are too easy. It's all move, then horde, move, then horde, repeat. There's also no game instructor text on an event in Chapter 2.
    Fairly enjoyable. All in all. Here's a snippet of a gameplay with my friends: - Tank encounters and crescendo events. - Finale.

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