Cold Case: The Forsaken

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  • Emersonrick

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    Great Campaign

    - It is a very good campaign, long and with its portion of difficulty.
    - Functional in everything, but in all maps errors textures, invisible objects, invisible walls.
    - When we climb the escalators on the 3rd map, the textures of the stairs are missing and up there we see a pipebomb that we can not get.
    - In our gaze, there is nothing between the pipe and us, but something prevents us from reaching it.
    - The various witchs on the ladder were great fun, nothing that a good shotgun and headshot would not solve.
    - In the end, it was very embarrassing the first time, after activating the panel, we killed the 1st tank and we went down to where the rescue would arrive, but in 35 minutes it did not arrive.
    - It was necessary to restart the final and only to descend when the ransom arrives, if descending before does not come.
    - This campaign deserves 5 stars for the functionality, every game went well, the end was just a matter of experience, I do not see as defect.
    - I removed any mod and traces I thought would interfere with the textures and missing objects, rebooted Steam and the campaign but this little problem is related to the campaign itself.
    - I used the mod "Valve's Missing Content Fix" ( but it did not help with the missing textures.
    - To conclude, this campaign is excellent, realistic environment where day and night are part of each map, zombies come from all sides and many tanks have appeared.
    - Review the issue of missing textures, took some prints to see better: 

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • It's much better, 99% of the textures corrected. On invisible objects, there are 2 maps containing invisible objects. But that did not bother him at all. Congratulations on your attention and concern in making this campaign exceptional.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • @Trunten
      I used the "Valve's Missing Content Fix" believing it would help but was not sure it would work. At least it worked on the Mods from Half Life 2 to L4D2, for this reason I tried it.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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