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    *Nice unique slot machine system into lets build
    *You can purchase barricades to defend yourself
    *Earn money for killing any infected (Nice idea)
    *Good Counter board (Lets u know how much money u have)


    *Map is small
    *Bots love to steal items that drop from slot machines (No points taken)
    *Map is not very challenging especially on normal difficulty


    Well it is an amazing idea for lets build with the slot machines and all, quite addictive too!. Its good to build defenses against zombies, unfortunately the map size doesn't let u build too many of them. when you spin the machines and forget about them, its a laugh when the bots pick up whatever is there that dropped from the machine. It is also an easy lets build map unlike others I've played. I recommend this to first time players of a lets build map
    Maps: 8/10
    Events: 10/10
    Experience: 10/10
    Overall: 9/10

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