Cold Fear 2

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    It was a real intense campaign, but one could manage. Finished it on Expert Single Player Mode in 2 hours & 29 minutes & 6 Restarts ( restarted first chapter twice & finale 4 times ) First chapter unnecessary annoying panic event that starts if a special infected in a certain spot breaking a piece of wall and startling all hordes can be avoided in a certain way by moving away from that house you see after moving into the woods after leaving safe room. Once those starting panic events in chapter 2 & 3 were launched, thought I would keep fighting hordes till I reach the safe room for each chapter or till reaching a certain spot which made me about to give that campaign 1 Star, but it was a series of horde attacks that stopped later so it's nothing for me, but a unique thing to find in any campaign as I never encountered a similar panic event. Decent supplies distribution along the later chapters especially chapter 3 that was considered the longest before getting to roofs. Yes, bots didn't pick up all items and supplies especially ammo and pills especially in the finale which led to the fact I restarted it 4 times. The best spot to camp in finale is inside that house that is about to be torn off from all sides as bots will take care of hordes from more than one side better than when they do from that wooden space beside the house and they don't join me up there jumping on these boxes so better to have a good view of coming hordes to bring them down as soon as possible. Bots followed me smoothly around the hut while fighting tanks and it's really good to have 1-2 bile bombs on that finale so it was helpful and I see it little made up for the lame bots who picked up nothing after they ran out of ammo. Glad that the finale ended once all bots came beside the rescue boat because tank incapacitated me and I thought  I was gonna lose. I do hate campaigns that take place into the woods, but I mostly manage as long as bots are following and there are plenty of supplies fairly distributed and chapters length is good. Yes, like one of comments below says, it was a mix between Dead Air & Blood Harvest. Thank you!

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