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    Decent Enough But Suffers from Bot Nav Failures

    This is an average-length four-map campaign that takes place mostly inside industrial facilities and briefly outside in some woods at night. I had low expectations going in given the reviews, but I was genuinely surprised at actually good level layout. The layout is actually pretty damn good; I've seen a lot worse from highly rated ones. The maps don’t particularly look that special, but some aspects, such as breaking out of and into jail cells and certain side rooms, were kind of interesting. The events are totally unremarkable, consisting entirely of waiting for a door to open while being attacked by hordes (this happens more than a few times throughout the campaign). Certain climbable walls, such as in the map 2 sewer, are unindicated as such. Resource distribution is inconsistent. It’s very easy to miss the primaries in map 1 because they’re located in a jail cell you have to break into on the second floor. In the case of map 2, there is no group of medkits at all throughout the map. On the one hand, there are some rewards if you go exploring the side areas of the maps, but rarely does this lead to anything valuable. Adrenaline and pills are rarer than medkits here, and those are rare enough as it is, yet we never ran out of molotovs. Most saferooms don’t have four medkits, yet they often contain laser sights. The finale is so unbelievably easy to cheese, yet funnily enough the author clearly wanted you to cheese it by placing ammo and molotovs in a god spot. 
    Now the real problem of this campaign is the AI. Bot nav is terrible, since they refuse to pick up medkits, weapons, and ammo, and they teleport all over the place. The worst part of the bot nav is when the bots teleport behind slowly opening doors, which means they won’t help you fight off the hordes around you. Also, special infected can trigger hordes. This campaign could be good if it had a lot of work on the bot nav, so if you’re going to play it, you should find some friends to play it with. I'd say this is decent for a one-off if you can find two or three other people.

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