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    German Loading Posters from L4D1

    These are the original German loading posters from L4D1. They were used when your game language was set to German. Unfortunately, the quality of them isn't as good as the standard posters. These seem to exist for every language that L...

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    Simple Loading Screens

    Reworks the loading screens to be just the campaign logo with the campaign tagline. Features all 13 campaigns. Even the hidden "default" poster that shows on a map without a poster is changed to be simpler. Supports 16:9 resolution. Som...

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    Mishmash TRS/Beta/L4D1/L4D2 Tipgraphics

    A quick and dirty mod I made pretty quickly. Combines TRS concept art for special infected, L4D1 tipgraphics, and L4D2 beta recolours for the survivors. I borrowed some graphics from AZ1N's "E3 Inspired Level Transition Graphics." If he...

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    Eranthis' Loading Screens
    Beta N/A

    My quest to make alternative, full-screen loading screens begins. It'll be a long project but the mod will come out as soon as the first loading screen is fully painted and will be updated with the other campaigns. All survivors and back...

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    Custom Loading Screens

    -Creator of the 5 main loading screens: Dead Center Dark Carnival Swamp Fever Hard Rain The Parish Gavade. -Creator of the rest of the loading screens: The Passing No Mercy Crash Course Dead Air Death Toll Blood Harvest The Sacrifice C...


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