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    Chicken (Pipebomb)

    Includes: Chicken World Model View Model Credits: The MLG Pizzaroll - Rigging,Compiling,Pictures,Texture Valve - Chicken model and textures

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    New Molotov and pipebomb animation
    Beta N/A

    MOD added a lighter to ignite the action, so that the animation effect is more real. Model is very delicate. Note: he is not allowed to use with other mod, the use of lighter action will be removed.

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    Black Ops 2 Explosion SFX

    Pipebomb and grenade launcher explosion sounds have been replace with the Black Ops 2 explosion sfx. V2 Update: Pipebomb timer now sounds like the semtex grenade from Black Ops 2.

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    Phone I.E.D.

    Been a bit lacking in decent pipe bomb replacements. This is the Improvised Explosive Device from Contagion; Replaces the pipebomb on the regular animation. Credits: Contagion - Model & Textures Duke Nukem Forever - Audio Lt. Rocky - Ri...


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