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  • Mod

    Slayer's Crucible [Golfclub]

    Steam workshop: Another DOOM Eternal weapon, a laser sword replacing the golf club Original Gmod prop port by Stefano96, rigged to default Katana anim by me. I've re...

  • Mod

    DOOM Eternal - Pump Shotgun

    A little scuffed, but it works OG BMS shotgun port by Lt Rocky OG DOOM Eternal model port by Stefano96 I dont know how to convert PBR materials to source so I did my best edit to make it look decent. Not as shiny as the OG, though.

  • Mod

    vonDoomCraft: Zombies!

    Minecraft's most frightening texturepack invades L4D2, with 'vonDoomCraft: Zombies!' Created using Splinks' Minecraft Infected & Special Infected (with a customized Witch), and the highly popular vonDoomCraft HD texture pack for Minecr...

  • Mod

    Doom Computer Screen

    Classic Doom Menu! :D This was originally a Counter Strike: Source skin for the office computer screens. All I did was port it into L4D2, so all thanks goes to Microsoft Sam over at GameBanana (Search for 'Doom Menu Screen' I'd post a UR...

  • Map

    Hexen: Winnowing Hall


    A remake of Winnowing Hall from Hexen: Beyond Heretic. The map was designed to be a replica of the original level from the game, and includes custom graphics, sound and music. Korax will send his zombie minions to destroy you! How long c...

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