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  • EshmawyMan

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    Unique work, but incomplete and Stupid Bots

    I kept asking myself when and where I saw that boss before and I remembered after reading all comments below that it was brought from Doom3, a game I am in real love with, but bots literally shot no boss, but only zombies and I kept them behind the furthest pillar to make a cover for me while I am shooting the first boss that kept moving to far right, then to far left and it was on Expert. It took me 3-4 times to get the first boss killed. Before starting the first boss fight, I brought all weapons and defibrillators behind the pillar by swapping while moving backwards as bots kept swapping weapons when they ran out of ammo, but upon fighting the second boss, it was really hard as I was the only one shooting and moving the best way away from its fire and I didn't do it on Easy either. I may be able to do it if I give it more focus, but bots really needed to shoot with me because it will be really pointless. Wish you come and fix all bugs regarding bots and complete working on this campaign. Good Luck!

    Edited: December 2022

    • @Roflmahwafflz, yes I keep digging into each and every campaign here till I am done with them all. I try all campaigns on this site to move to other websites. Nice Try!
    • Wow, its been 7 years and I was not expecting to see a review or comment on this oldie. Alas, there is not a way to make the bots actually shoot at bosses in L4D2 because they arent actually "creatures" that the bots recognize as targets.

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