Storming The Citadel

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    What's the problem with the third map?

    What's the problem with the third map? Is this a alpha map?
    I can't find a way to continue to play and there's lot of broken textures.
    But i have to say if the all the problems of the map got fixed,it will be perfect and fun.
    • It is indeed alpha, the third map isnt playable and was just included for proper working nav. Maps 1-2 are the only playable ones. Eventually this project will receive the overhaul it deserves.

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Version .11 Alpha

  • 4 Maps
    At the gloaming Ⅲ
    Beta 6.5

    黄昏时刻系列的第三部。在北方大桥对面的城区也爆发了感染,幸存者们被军方直升机抛弃,不得不另寻出路... The third installment of the <at the gloaming> series.There was also an outbreak of infection in the city across the Northern Bridge, an...

  • Mod
    Coach with Bill's animations

    Hindi ko ginawa ito. Kung nais ng may-ari ito ay ibababa ito ay aalisin. Coach with Bill's animations that work with custom models (Technically Francis animations) let me know if there are any issues when playing online or if there...

  • Mod
    Navy Medkit

    Navy skin for medkit with high definition.

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  • Guide
    como colocarse en tercera persona facil y rapido

    para colocarse en tercera persona primero coloquen la consola en el juego si no saben activar la consola pueden descargarse este mod copien y peguen en su navegado este mod xd después de instalar el ...