Desperado Calamity Trigger (Custom Melee + Guns)

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  • Jeysie

    Posted this review


    Wow! Such a cool mod but no reviews.

    I'm having WTF moments where I'm only trying to use my adrenaline and then bots go to where my crosshair is. Could you mention the available commands? Also, why do the bots teleport while shooting for some reason?
    (Edit: After looking at the changelog, it seems that left-clicking the pill or adrenaline causes the bots to switch to my crosshair.)
    • Unfortunately I'm rarely online there. You can put some messages in the message section here, in case if there are specific things to talk about mods etc.
    • So, mutation then? Do you have a discord? So, that I'd send you a message with my suggestions there.
    • Btw I just tested the "melee dash", & although it was fun to move like a ninja (especially when using katana), the control was not easy depending on the melee weapons & the user. For example, with the combo of melee swing + air dash, the melee range would feel like 2-3x longer as you just leap & slash/ bash the infected really fast. But during horde/ incoming attack, it's quite difficult to attack with auto leap of the air dash. Players need to get used to the air dash first in order to use "melee dash" (melee swing + air dash) effectively.
    • It's possible, by modifying the vscript files like "coop.nut", "versus.nut", "realism.nut" etc. But there might be conflicts to other mods if other mods also use those files. Mutation can be free of conflict as it can be renamed with unique names to avoid conflicts.
    • Is it possible to get rid of weapons without having a mutation?
    • I think it's possible to put the "air dash" feature on melee weapons when pressing fire button. But I don't know if it would be effective or not to hit zombies with "melee dash". & bots can't use this kind of feature effectively as they would use melee just as usual. But I can disable the effect only for bots.
      For removing all guns, probably mutation would be the perfect choice to avoid conflicts with other mods.
    • Like in the merciless bots where you can air dash with chat, except when you fire your katana it will activate the air dash. Something like a mobility special skills.
    • Can you make a mod that no guns spawn, only melee for survival? Melee but have special skills (don't add fire a skill though).
    • Yes, this mod is overpowered, but it's entertaining. This is something I'm going to try with my buddies!
    • Anyway, thanks for the review. Probably many people prefer not too OP mods, so that's why. I also made this while trying to explore the hidden potentials of the vscript commands.
    • In this mod, clicking the pills/ adrenaline will command all bots to go to the crosshair's location. About bots teleporting when shooting, probably that's because of the "Body Relocation" ability, that teleports any survivor bots behind the shooter when they get shot. Other commands are listed on the changelog.

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