The Vomit Chaos

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  • AmazingNep02

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    Really Fun/Interesting Experience

    This mod was really fun, played it on expert on dead center, only issue I have is you can get biled through walls just by a SI being on the other side which can be fixed by using TraceLine but an interesting mechanic that makes things crazy and even fun, Definitely recommend this mod :D
    • Thanks, & I'm glad you could enjoy the fun with this mod. About getting biled by special infected on the other side of a wall, actually I call that "vomit radiation". Only those with "Vomit Spray Area" skill can cause this. Actually this adds more fun too, but well, maybe I'll try to fix it in the next update so that the radiation won't go through wall. Thanks for the feedback & clues where to fix.

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Version 1.0 Complete

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    No Rain
    Beta N/A

    this map called ''No Rain'' u can get it in the steam workshop.

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