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    Thought You Created It, but You Ported With Bugs.... Thank You, But... Review + Some Hints

    (( Finished for first time trying that campaign on Single Player Expert Mode in 6 hours & 24 Restarts ))
    - First Level was fine and nothing was wrong with it although Bots didn't pick any health kits and i had to push them till they did.. Sick!!!
    - Second Level was little bit long and boring due to the vast empty spaces with no directions and yes, i managed to find some decent supplies along the way in so many abandoned empty apartments.
    - Third Level was the longest and longer than construction site chapter, but it was so fine and that panic event lasted so long but it was literally nothing to me as one just needs to stay where they are especially inside that cabinet below the mini gun tower and shoot through its door till the panic event ends, then move out and move on your long way in peace sweeping all zombies with decent supplies everywhere. Bots got screwed navigation in some spots as they couldn't get to that mini gun tower with you and stayed down there that's why i had to be with them down there inside that cabinet. They also didn't follow me at that two storey market as they had to move around certain spot and not follow me.
    - Fourth Level, Supermarket, was so empty and i did like those lights in the super big silent supermarket before we got out. 
    - Fifth Level, Construction Site, was clear and good except for that nasty navigation sh*t while getting up the ladder as one bot always gets stuck and then killed by zombies and other Bots would get back trying to help and that is a great delay and i may end up alone which happened twice and i restarted that level twice or 3 times due to such a bug and on my last try i passed it only with one Bot and thankfully zombies didn't come from everywhere to us upon starting the alarm as the door stopped them all.
    Finale!!!! It was nothing until another navigation bug sh*t showed up behind that supermarket while moving away from tank. Bots can't complete a full circle with me around that building while zombies, tank and specials can?! WTF?! No enough supplies at all especially those health kits. No Health Kits are there in safe room of the semi-finale level... Why? Specials almost spawn at the same time together.
    After Killing 1st tank, i got notification that rescue has arrived while nothing happened and it was a false call as we had to fight another zombie wave, then another tank which is as usual in order to get to the real rescue. The best spot i got was that fence before the supermarket right after you jump from above that ambulance. You stand there with Bots and fight. Once rescue has arrived message shows up, It's to tell you tank has come so be ready to fight it. The best you can do is to burn it with a Molotov you already got before you start that panic event, then you need to turn either around that truck in front of that super market (right side) OR around that big ass truck right in front of the rescue door... Why? Because if you try to run with Bots around super market they will move in the opposite way towards the tank instead of running with you and this is the nastiest navigation error i have seen. 
    Another Bug, once i started that panic event on Level 2 & 3, zombies cries and groaning never stopped and it repeated itself like 8 times it was funny though. 
    Like some comments asked, you needed to play-test that work to make it really worth. However, i managed to do it that hardcore way.
    Firstly, i thank the creator and i secondly thank you for porting it.
    • - Bots never ever spawned in case anyone died and i managed to keep them all alive enough till i got closer to safe room on each chapter.
      - Bots never swapped their weapons got health kits on many spots especially on finale which means once their guns are out of ammo, they keep shooting with pistols... This is so Sick and when i remember that i just want to give that uploaded work a ZERO star. So no kits in saferoom before finale and no swap for any gun or even health kits for Bots and i had to heal them every tim i restarted. So sick long boring way to fight a finale with zombie hordes coming almost from many ways.

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