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    Very unfair, flat out unbalanced, poorly designed campaign. Before I start bear in mind this campaign has difficulty settings, and I was playing on the lowest: NORMAL. To start with chapter 1, it's a long, egregious, sluggish scavenge mission in a big open area. I will say the layout is cool aesthetically but not pleasant gameplay-wise. You do get aid from the L4D1 survivors but their positioning kinda sucks and they don't actually help much. After you spend a good 10 minutes or so, you then finally have a gauntlet to face, a rush to the safe room so you better make sure you and your team are prepared, cuz if you fail, you do it all over again, and this is a theme for the rest of the campaign. Oh and I should mention, there's an increased population count which means a LOT more infected, oh and the author decided on aggressive special spawns as well, because of course they did, not uncommon to see a double special spawn.
    Chapter 2 is quite a boring uninspired barren forest map, where you run for probably 5ish minutes and then get a 3 minute holdout section and a very short, but crucial gauntlet to end it off, again; if you fail, you're doing this map all over again. And now for the worst map of them all; chapter 3, a very long generic, samey sewer section with virtually 0 direction on where to go, all the while you're getting constantly spammed with infected. I couldn't actually finish this map, because there's an absolutely ****** wide open water section with one boat, which if you fall off or in my case, get teleported because the game thought I was stuck, then you have to SLOWLY walk through the water with no idea of which direction you're supposed to go, with limited supplies. Just.. awful. The finale isn't finished so yeah, that's it. 
    All I can say is, if you're into masochism, which in fairness, some are, not me, then this is your campaign, otherwise, avoid.

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