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血腥收获暴雨版/Blood Harvest Storm Mode

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    I encountered a very bizarre bug on this campaign, not sure if anyone else has, but: on chapter 2-4, the bots would not defend themselves whatsoever, I was shocked when I peeked at the health of them when I was just rushing, to see that they went from full health to basically none. Even though I was gonna do it anyway, it basically forces you to speedrun the maps if you want to survive. Thankfully when they respawned in the closet on the finale, they did actually help me fend off the horde. But yeah I mean all of the campaigns I've played recently didn't suffer this strange bug, so it might have something to do with this one, I didn't change anything so, might want to look into it.
    With that out of the way, it's Blood Harvest with Hard Rain's storm gimmick, I didn't even notice it tbh lol, the campaign is already naturally foggy to begin with, and you spend a lot of time indoors so, kind of a waste.

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