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毫不留情暴雨版/No Mercy Storm mode

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    Definitely the weakest of the "Strom mode" campaigns so far. The problem with doing it for No Mercy is you spend most of the campaign indoors, AND it's already storming on No Mercy to begin with! All this does is decrease visibility slightly! So, the storm effect isn't even noticeable until chapter 3 when you actually get to spend the beginning of the campaign outside, but these moments are so sparse you might not even get a storm effect, unless you notice the slight haze effect indoors. To top it all off, the elevator is bugged on chapter 4, a special infected spawned inside the door at the top for me, and the door would not open as a result, so you just have to hope that doesn't happen to you.  The finale is when you can actually appreciate the increased stormy weather but yeah, this ones is a hard pass, even without the elevator bug, this is peak laziness and just completely unnecessary.

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