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    Lovely.... Review + some hints

    - Finished on Expert Single Player in 2 hours 1 minutes with only 6 Restarts
    The intro was so shocking and thought it would be a scavenging mission, but i was fooled and was naked without any weapon to use XD which made me restart after dying. I took one star off for the last panic event in chapter 1 of that truck to get in as one can't know it's like that and i was there fighting and didn't see that i should turn off the alarm and fought hordes till death and i noticed there is a highlighted button over there which was the alarm, but it was so late. Loved how the truck traveled with us and how it smashed that zombie XD 
    Chapter 2 was intense and it was short although it was long with that panic event of bowling ball that was not clear to me making anyone think they need to do that bowling thing mission while the alarm was on which was not true and i could do it in peace right after i turn off that nasty alarm lol. The bowling   ball is in the room before the door that starts the alarm and all i got was that i have to hit that ball with a melee or by shooting it with my gun to make it roll and move to that bowling area so that i make the machine function well, then one should move back to that room door in front of the room where the bowling ball exists to unlock the door to safe room. Found plenty of bile bombs like 2 or 3 which was nice enough. But still was hard on first time as none knows where to go next and i died by the safe room door as i was black and white. 
    B.S > I can skip the whole panic event in chapter 2 and i found a away just behind that bus that shows me the boat of the finale and i can stand in front of it and walk in that area with nothing to stop me and as for skipping itself, the conical yellow post in front of that tent that can be pushed and shot to be moved anywhere i want just needed me to get that shotgun from the bowling ball room along with the shovel that was waiting there. So i kept right clicking that post and shot it few times as it took me like 5 minutes to do it as it was on the ground lower than the platform so it just got pushed till it stood again against that bush so i could jump on the bush right to the fence and to the safe room XD i restarted it mainly for that after i finished the campaign. The issue was that lame bots didn't teleport, but just opened the alarm door and i had to wait for them while all hordes came to my safe room door and didn't attack bots that i waited for to die so that i finish the chapter XD they took too much time to teleport and get to me and chapter was done that way.
    Chapter 3 wasn't expected to be like that and the lightning effect was so bad that i couldn't see anything so i waited inside the safe room with bots till it calmed down and the sweet surprise for me was to fill that boat i saw from second chapter with gas so the map was short, but makes you feel it's so long :) and the nice thing was that there was no tank and anyway, I worked on avoiding it by collecting all gas cans together before i fill the boat all at once. Bots covered me very well till I got all cans and there was  a plenty of them and the unlucky screwed part was that the last gas can fell in water because i pressed E in the wrong spot so i dropped the gas can in water and it was the last one maybe that would make it only 2 hours or less to finish that campaign XD Specials were fair in attack too and it was smooth. Finished the finale from first time and i thought it would be a run to rescue, found that i will have to wait till Rescue comes as it was shows as a note when the final panic event starts, but then i found out that the Rescue vehicle is waiting there and all i needed to do was to fill it with gas XD 
    It made me feel it was a part of a valve campaign in L4D2 community more like a side story from the passing or the parish :)) Thank you for bringing it here

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