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Suicide Blitz L4D1 Port

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  • Callsign_Arch

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    Map 4 to 5 Transition CTD

    Seems like something within this campaign between map 4 and 5 does not like an addon or two that I installed that it caused crash to desktop. Haven't ruled out which one it was though. That aside, it's good to be back to this campaign (I played the L4D2 version back then.)

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Version 5.3 Complete

  • Map
    Only Up

    Climbing higher and higher, you have to take the gnome to the very top, where a space shuttle is waiting for him. - There is a music panel on the wall where you can turn music on or off. - The approximate time of passage is 10 minute...

  • Mod
    Bloody Civilians Collection

    Los mods NO son de mi propiedad, han sido recopilados de varios autores. Este mod contiene: Skins de los personajes con temática de civiles, Armas de color oscuro, algunas apariencias para las armas cuerpo a cuerpo, items consumibles y ...

  • 5 Maps
    Fairfield Terror: TRS No Mercy Remake (L4D2)

    THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR FAIRFIELD TERROR L4D2, DEVELOPED AND PUBLISHED BY DAYS OF TERROR. Fairfield Terror is a fan-made remake of Turtle Rock Studio's original No Mercy, the game studio that owned the rights for Left 4 D...

  • Mod
    Franchi Spas-12 (SPAS SHOTGUN)

    Hindi ko ginawa ito. Kung nais ng may-ari ito ay ibababa ito ay aalisin. REPLACES THE SPAS-12 SHOTGUN OR COMBAT SHOTGUN

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