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    I enjoy playing the mash up maps,this was pretty difficult at times.
    The environment was well designed,no errors or problems.
    Weather effects added some atmosphere to the map.
    Balanced supplies in each map,plenty of guns & melee weapons too.
    The sheer number of hordes coming at you really slowed down the progression,also sometimes there would be a message that a survivor alerted the horde for no reason. It seemed to happen randomly. 
    The difficulty seemed to spike at times,with multiple Tanks/Witches spawning,then going back to being sort of casual with only a couple of Tanks/Witches. 
    The area with the red targets was bugged,once I went down the ladder,I couldn't get back up again. Is that area supposed to be a puzzle ?
    Other than that it was fun to play,took just over 2 hours to finish solo with bots.
    • Ya your right. I just figured out what you are talking about. The target range. I believe someone else mentioned it. The ladder isn't working. My fault. I need to either close off the pit or fix the ladder. Sorry about that.
    • I believe it's on the third map where you navigate the underground area. I'll upload a video of the run on here when I can. 
      I'm not sure how to provide a link from here to youtube where I uploaded the run.
    • Can you give me a screen shot or tell me which map the ladder with the targets was on? Happy to fix what ever is broken :)

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