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    Classic No Mercy

    Original No Mercy that is present in Left 4 Dead, not the Versus version that Valve went with, this is the true original version. An actual complete rooftop, and a combination of the item spawns from the official port. Some bug fixes tho...

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    Deadbeat Escape

    Survivors must make their way through the rural outskirts and into the city with hopes of finding the evacuation center in time. Deadbeat Escape is a four-map campaign that supports coop and versus. EDIT: Thanks for all the comments! I...

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    District 14 rooftops

    Medium rooftop map with a bunch of different areas, a few easter eggs, custom soundscape, minor backstory, gnome, a lot of supplies, a couple interiors, rain. The skybridge was built as a shelter, that's why it is a little out of place....


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