Saving Private ZAWMBIE

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  • SpleeSpree

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    -surprisingly good
    -good, yet difficult, idea for a survival map
    -lots of cool places to hole up
    -most of the infected come from the boats
    -nice little details, like radio with German music


    -could use a little more environmental details
    -the two pillboxes could be a little more different


    I have to admit, I was very surprised at how good this map was! Usually, when someone make a "D-day" type map, it's some poorly thrown together piece of crap. But this one looks good, feels good, and has great gameplay (which is not an easy thing to make!). The way they spawn and charge up the beach works perfectly (especially using the grenade launcher and minigun). And the bunkers are very cool, though the view is somewhat obstructed(I know this is realistic). Overall, I'd say the biggest flaw is just that it could use some detail like in the right bunker. 
    Very impressive and fun! 

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