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    Old knife behavior
    Alpha N/A

    Horizontal slash from left to right. This was a HUD icon script, but there is no need for those anymore. Each weapon got its own icon with the update. I decided to turn this add-on into a more useful one. Works only on local servers yo...

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    CS:S voice mod for Ellis

    CS:S voice mod for Ellis. Watch video. Dont use it as a .vpk, it wont work!!! And it doesnt replace all quotes of Ellis. (only about 1400 quotes replaced) See changelog for Installation and updates.

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    CSS Five seveN and USP retextured

    CS:S Five-seveN and USP, ported to l4d2 by Xenecrite onto Arby26's animations, retextured by me. Because lets face it, Valve's textures are ugly. Here's what I did: -Increased Five-seveN contrast to give it an overall darker look. -gave...


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