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    Female Combine

    Female combine with Jessica's (from Sin) head. Has lobby pics, fallen pic, FPS arms and right hand fix.

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    Waluigi (Coach)
    Beta N/A

    Yes freakin Waluigi is in the house. Sense he never was made into a full character on brawl I had to give his abit of full player spotlight, so here it is. ---------------------------------- This was suppose to be part of a character p...

  • Mod
    Crysis 2 Nanosuit

    A replacement for coach...because coach owns too much stock in krispy kreme doughnuts. which are delicious, but DAMN coach...take it down a notch. Anyway, includes lobby pics, etc and FPS arms. No facial anims needed here because he wear...

  • Mod
    Chuck - (replaces Nick)

    Chuck from Dead Rising 2 has arrived. So grab anything you can find and kill an infected before you have more teethmarks then a dog's chew-toy.

  • Mod
    Banana Hammock Ellis

    Ellis in a mankini styled after the infamous Borat costume. To install, move the VPK file to your steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons folder.

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    Ayane (bedtime)

    A Zoey replacement mod using one of the casual attire models of Ayane from the Dead or Alive series. Has lobby pics(although the main lobby pic doesn't always work for some reason...looking into that), fallen pic, FPS arms and right hand...

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    Battlesuit Jill
    Beta N/A

    RE5 Battlesuit Jill with a couple of very minor liberties taken here and there. Credits to original ripper for getting the model out so I could then convert it for all us to play in l4d2. No facial anims or custom anims, but the hands sh...

  • Mod
    Harley Quinn - (rochelle)

    Insanity has no limits, so why not be able to enjoy the benefits and go all out killing those in need of death. And what better character to bring that then good ol Harley Quinn :) Replace Rochelle....hallelujah!!!

  • Mod
    Mystery Machine

    This was our very first skin Just for FUN It does REPLACE all White VANS IN EVERY CAMPAIGN. It does show up way to much in some campaigns. But you can just disable it for those or don't download it

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    The Mystery Machine

    This is a simple edit of Sariel and Death Angel's Mystery Machine skin for the vans in Left 4 Dead 2 to give it a more natural feel for the game. All credit for the original creation and idea should go to Sariel and Death Angel.

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    Police Sergeant Davin - (replaces Coach)

    So apparently the end of the world isn't all it was cracked up to be, not for Police Sergeant Davin anyway. From Killing Floor Police Sergeant Davin is here to break free and release the anger of this past on some faces of the infected w...

  • Mod
    Kermit the Frog - (replaces Ellis)

    Now you have done it, no one kills a muppet! Kermit is ready to avenge the death of his loved ones that have fallen victim of this crisis. Even Jim Henson is turning in his grave, but don't worry a few bullets put him back to rest. Rep...

  • Mod
    Scout - (replaces Ellis)

    Scout from Team Fortress 2 is here and is armed with his bat. So watch out L4D community because this crossover is coming to take over. Replaces Ellis

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    Sam Fisher - (replace Ellis)

    Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell has came out of the shadows and wants a piece of the action. So prepare to lock and load everyone because this highly-trained agent is packing heat. Replaces Ellis