HeHe8:Taboo Curse

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Wannna Give Zero Star To This Thing

    • @Kurochama, now I know. I don't read comments until I play and review everything before I leave my comment, but not before I play:) I may try it and similar maps along with great ones when I am able to record my gameplay for my lame channel XD
    • You should have checked the comments first before playing this kind of campaign. Even I don't dare to play this campaign, as usually there are deadly traps on hehe campaigns & those would be frustrating for me as I usually play for fun. But there are some people who still dare to play, of course with God Mode on, as hehe campaigns are usually impossible or too difficult to play in normal way

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  • 哔哩哔哩星魂桑丶/IDLE:A_Asheep
  • hkTDXH


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