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    Not a bad'un, quite enjoyable. Maybe some more guns or supplies on chapter 1 would've been nice, since there are a lot of boss zombies to deal with and the event at the end. Speaking of the event on chapter 1, the message says to shoot the gas cans, but you don't actually need to you can just enter the safe room and complete the level, so a bit misleading I think, unless something special happens. On chapter 2, the train can be stopped by common infected sometimes which is a bit odd, haha, maybe do something about that. Starting on chapter 3, and then 4 te finale, saferoom supplies would spawn a bit wonky, like an ammo pile and medkits suspended in the air, minor minor nitpick, but I'll mention it anyways :P. The finale can be loong if you don't look hardenough, be very careful or you may miss a switch required to progress, you can barely make them out as they're highlighted (which is appreciated.) Overall not a terrible campaign, a bit rough like the description says, as I've said a bit more supplies on chapter 1 wouldn't've hurt, direction was fine overall, usually the infected would show the way so you don't end up getting lost forever. The finale is quite challenging as well, and long, so be warned peeps! Oh, and one more thing on the finale! Bot struggle getting up the ladder, closest to the chopper, I died to a hunter because they couldn't manage to climb up fully.
    • ladder stuck bug is something that appear ever since the TLS update... wait it was August.
      But yeah survivors tend to stuck if there is no straight walkable path after the ladder, like it was in The Parish. Though bots never stuck in that final ladder in the beginning of The Parish until TLS update. Thankfully a mod - Left 4 Bots, allow to warp bots in place among other massive improvements.

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Version 4.0 Complete

  • 5 Maps
    Dead Center ReConstructed
    Beta N/A

    This is a remake of Dead Center, Designed for Versus play. Not made for campaign. but it can be played that way. This is in beta and maps 1-4 are done and map 5 Is now in play testing. After you finish map 5 it will go to the main...

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    IMI Uzi Unfolded - Silenced (Suppressed SMG) [S...

    IMI Uzi Unfolded - Silenced (Suppressed SMG) [Sound fix Ver] Israel Military Industries (Israel Weapon Industries) - [Uzi with buttstock extended suppressor - 9x19mm] Submachine Gun Skin. Skin replacement for the Left 4 Dead 2 MAC-10...

  • Mod
    MP-155 Ultima [Combat Shotgun]

    MP-155 Ultima [Combat Shotgun] Baikal MP-155 Ultima smart shotgun, first model - 12 gauge (thermal camera, sight) semi-automatic shotgun skin. Left 4 Dead 2 Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun replacement skin. scripts More dd hud i...

  • 4 Maps

    Hehe24 has finally been released. What will be different this time? There are four levels of HEHE this time Thank you for supporting the HEHE series! Drawing command: map hehe24_1 map hehe24_2 map hehe24_3 map hehe24_4

  • 6 Maps
    The Day After

    Six Map Campaign: ------------------------- 1. Roads (Upper) 2. Roads (Lower) 3. The Bridge 4. The Canals 5. The Cliffs 6. Zephyrhills The survivors are now aware of Reuseable Water in 'Zephyrhills' before they can reach thei...

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