The Last Daylight

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  • Emersonrick

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    I am a natural worshiper of daytime campaigns and maps!
    I loved this campaign, everything is perfect but something very interesting and important caught my attention ...!
    "Where's CS's weapons"? After all, VALVE after the official Last Stand released them for L4D2, but I played this campaign for 2x and I didn't even find 1 knife! I found only the spade and the pitchfork.
    If you can verify this detail and add the CS weapons then it will surely be 100% complete.
    You don't need to change anything, just add CS weapons.
    I gave it 5 stars because in addition to loving maps during the day, this campaign is really fun and perfectly playable.
    Thank you.
    • Glad you liked it <3 but thats weird... This is the list of melee allowed in the campaign "frying_pan;fireaxe;crowbar;machete;baseball_bat;knife;pitchfork;shovel" ... And the fire weapons idk, maybe you just havd very bad luck? or the map is really not loading them xD

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    这是一张坑图,不适合单人玩,多人玩会比较有趣。 This is a prank map, not suitable for solo play, multiplayer will be more interesting.

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