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Dawn of the Living Dead (George A. Romero Dead Mode)

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    This was an awesome campaign. I love the cinematic experience you've provided, it actually flows really well in L4D2. Chapter 1 & 2 are your typical chapters with the simple task of going through the map with minor objectives. Chapter 3 is a simple scavenge mission and for fun i tried it without the recommended add-on, but it seems impossible without humans lol. Chapter 4 is really interesting and has you carrying out various tasks in a mall, to make it a safer place. The finale is kickass as you get to fight human NPCs, although obviously you cannot do much with them in L4D2, it's still really badass though and it was a lot of fun, great way to end the campaign. I honestly think that everyone will get a kick out of this, so long as you play with the add-on of course, a lot of fun and well done to the author.

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