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Sprawling Terror Original Port L4D1

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    Yeah this is a scuffed port alright... lol. First of all, the navmesh on chapter 1 is barely functioning, director doesn't populate the world that much, only special infected and hordes it seems, also the bots get stuck at the start, so you have to kill them. Things seem to take an upward turn on chapter 2.. at first. The navmesh is now working properly, but then we hit a roadblock: the parking lot. After ******** around for a bit I found a way to progress by jumping on the yellow truck and jumping over the stacked cars blocking an entrance, there are invisible walls around here for some reason but it is indeed possible to progress, which makes me wonder what the actual intended way to progress is, either way this is dumb. Chapter 3 is actually a pretty confusing chapter to navigate so you're gonna spend some time wandering around... unless you get stuck in the sewers bit, because I did due to the sketchy terrain.. great, good thing I have admin powers... The finale is as basic as it gets which is typical for L4D1 campaigns, and the rescue may not be obvious at first but you should notice it eventually (hint it's around the radio area.) Pretty easy campaign overall but a pleasant experience... if it didn't have all this bugs. Also fun fact: you can jump out of bounds on the finale through the breakable wall, by the crashed helicopter, idk why you would want to do that... when you can just go backwards and camp by the indestructible door and wait out the finale.. lmao.
    This campaign is hilariously broken, yet I still enjoyed myself, I don't think others will think the same way either way, this needs work, badly. Oh, and also... your fire entity is missing on the finale...

Developers & Credits

  • Vaz 2107 , DayWalkerTP , WaffleSpoon, Sam ,Boss Drochevsky
  • DarthDed


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