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City of the Dead Redux (Demo)

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    Very interested to see how you rework this campaign, and I'm curious as to why you decided upon it. I am a fan of the finale re-work as I found the original a bit too easy, the main culprit being the scaffolding cheese heheh, so if it's for increased difficulty I'm all for that. Looking forward to future versions, keep it up, no issues found on my end so far.

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Version 1.0 Final

  • 3 Maps
    After Dark

    After Dark is a 3-chapter short Campaign In this campaign, the four survivors escape a zombie-infested city and attempt to seek refuge in a shopping mall. As night falls, the mall grows darker, they must find power generators to turn...

  • 4 Maps
    At the gloaming Ⅲ
    Beta 6.6

    黄昏时刻系列的第三部。在北方大桥对面的城区也爆发了感染,幸存者们被军方直升机抛弃,不得不另寻出路... The third installment of the <at the gloaming> series.There was also an outbreak of infection in the city across the Northern Bridge, an...

  • Mod
    5-Shot Buckshot Revolvers 1.5

    UPDATED TO VERSION 1.5! Now you may pause the game even if using the console and there's no friendly fire. If you like revolvers, you'll LOVE this mod! It gives ANY handgun 5-shots of buckshot with stupendous power! The magnum gives ...