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Let's Build Our Hideaway (Official/Fixed)

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  • kurochama

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    One of Cool "Let's Build" Campaigns to Enjoy

    Played this campaign several times since the old version, & I could still enjoy it. This "Let's Build" campaign is special, as unlike the "Let's Build" campaigns in general that only have one map, this one has 4 maps & all are about collecting construction items & then constructing the base camp. The construction items are spawned randomly in each play, so it has good replayability. So far I found no serious issue on bot navigation exceppt on the marked places that trigger cutscene to end a map, as bots need to be pushed into the marked places (this bug also exists in the old version). Supplies are enough even from map 1. Although hints are not provided when exploring outdoor, there are hints like memo inside the base camp so reading the memo should give the grasp about the objectives. There's a bug in the last map that instantly clears the map even before the lamp is installed, but as this bug doesn't affect the game much so probably it's no big deal. Btw I put some screenshots about the bugs to help figure out where the bugs happen.
    So in short, this campaign is worth played with bots or friends. If you want to experience different things about building stuffs when playing this game, this campaign is good to try.

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  • eddywhite89 / James Carnahan
  • Trunten


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