Survival Building

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  • Marcusyaho

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    Lightning and shadows are pretty cool (look like a desert)
    Hard to get medals = challange
    Enough supplies
    The lamp upstairs is pretty cool
    Fun gameplay
    Can see the poster now


    Still ALOT of navigation problems
    Bots doesn't use the elevator often
    Bots have a hard time getting upstairs and just get killed
    You can get stuck under the elevator and be safe for half a minute
    Can still jump on the fence...
    The white tent roof looks wierd, most of it floats
    Need soundscapes


    Review number 2:
    Poster shows up now, floating supplies are fixed.
    But the navigation problems still excist! Actully its evrn worser now :S
    The elevator doesn't help at all. Its actully making more problems.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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