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Death Aboard (Certified Hood Classic Port)

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  • original files and no recompile
  • original NAV
  • 5 chapters and 1 survival map
  • updated weapon and item spawns
  • original L4D infected
  • melees in safe rooms
  • missing assets come packaged
  • restored missing sounds not even in original L4D


  • kurochama

    Posted this review


    Night version of Death Aboard

    Just as the title said, this is a night version of Death Aboard of L4D2. The classic version of this campaign is in day time. So far, there aren't many differences from the version of day time, except the setting of time & the survivor set. While the classic version has L4D2 survivors, this one has L4D1 survivors. Other than those I mentioned, this campaign is as good as the classic one. Directions are clear, supplies are well provided. With this night version, players can now freely choose which one to play, like, if they want to play in day time, they can play the classic version, & if they want the night time, they can play this one.

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Version 1.0 Complete

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