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  • kurochama

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    Good mashup campaign to play

    So far it's good long mashup campaign to play. Supplies are enough, & bot navigation is good at most areas. Somehow I feel familiar to some maps, like cave on map 1 & 2, then map 5 especially the bridge event. Probably they're also used in other mashup campaigns I ever played, but I forget which ones.
    There are only few problems I encountered. The first one is the darkening screen when reaching cave on map 1 & 2. This darkening effect is unusual, because even the flashlight becomes less bright than usual. The second & third problems are related to map 3. Bot navigation in the beginning of map 3 seems strange, like bots become worse than vanilla bots & they keep looking at one direction. But this only happens in the beginning of map. Map 3 is also quite "sensitive", in which if players use various mods, it will crash. However, crash doesn't happen if players only use skin mods like weapon skin & survivor skin mods. I tested by using same set of mods in some heavy campaigns like "Chernobyl", "Cambalache Buenos Aires", & "Pesaro" series but such crash didn't happen, so probably there might be something on map 3 that could cause crash when using many various mods.
    Well, aside from the bugs, this campaign is worthy as a collection. It's playable with bots or other players, but if you play with bots, you'll need to rush in the beginning of map 3 with a pipe bomb/ bile bomb as bot navigation is bugged in the beginning of map 3.

    Edited: November 2022

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