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    [VSH] Grid Walls Reworked

    Reworked this map in a couple of hours, thought it could use it. Improved features have been posted below! + Color coded design with arrows, allowing for easier navigation + Improved textures + Smoother door transitions + Extra props an...

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    Beta N/A

    This is a redesign of an old tf2 map called pl_canyon. It has been redone from the ground up to begin balancing it for 24-32 player servers and accommodate all the new weapons since the release of the old version of the map. BLU's object...

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    Beta N/A

    10 Beginner jumps, 8 Advanced jumps. The idea behind the map was to create an environment where new players and experienced players could converse on the same turf. The map was not designed toward experts, and instead caters to the inexp...


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