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L4D2 : Jungles / Swamps
Update realesed. Read change log. A small beach with some houses inspired by Dead Island Riptide. There are a lot of weapons around the map and points where you can hold out. Use mods from below to get map more Dead Island feeling. Name of the map is fictional btw. Created for the GameBanana Troub...
2 weeks ago
*As of v0.1, the "game won't progress" bug has been fixed.* "Stuck in the backcountry swamps of Louisiana, the survivors discover what appears to be an abandoned refuge ready for the taking. Unfortunately for them, this couldn't be further from the truth. A faceless mad man has retro...
last month
---------------- Challenge a plethora of bosses in various arenas. These maps will be updated on an "Arena Season Basis" in which I will release one map with one to four bosses in it per "Arena Season" I have not yet planned how many maps I will end with but I am planning on at ...
June 2014
Helicopter with survivors have crashed in a dense swampy forest, and now the lucky four need to find a way to survive in a zombie infested marsh and locate another evac vehicle.
January 2014
2/3 maps
This is the old stable working version of clocktown. If you would like to play the new version look for clocktown bata. That being said, expect bugs.
October 2013
0/3 maps
Vpk contains two map versions, day and night, both with own light environment, fog and soundscape. Have fun with our new melee weapon, the shark stick. To start the event press the button between the pool and the sea. Check changelog for details
September 2013
FIXED BUGS FROM JULY L4D2 UPDATE! The N64 classic meets the undead. Battle through familiar environments such as the Arkhangelsk Dam, the Chemical Facility and its runway, and the hidden space base in the Aztec ruins.
August 2013
3/3 maps
FIXED ALL INVISIBLE MODELS and CUSTOM SOUND NOW WORKING! Coop/versus/survival/scavenge goodness. It may be a little easy, but it's more game play! TURN DOWN YOUR GAME MUSIC FOR THE AWESOMESAUCE CUSTOM SOUNDS!
March 2013
2/2 maps
This is my first map for Left 4 Dead 2. The idea comes from the level of the game Hitman Blood Money.
New version with lots of Improvements. Will you be able to survive through the city, the campsites, the swamps and reach the island ? Please activate GAME INSTRUCTORS, have fun !
November 2012
5/5 maps
The House is The Salvation... For Now. I have Improved the Original Map 'Coast To Coast'. This Map have The House, The Salvation....for Now. Infact, at 5:30 Minutes this Home Will Explode! So, Ready to RUN! I have added also an Easter Egg...PS: There is a Grenade Launcher!! **--__!Have Fun!__--** ...
November 2012
This is my entry for the natural disaster contest. The four survivors have been hiding in a bunker, until mother nature decided to interfere. Earthquakes make hiding in the bunker dangerous, so they move out to the nearest safe spot.
September 2012
Survivors band together after a helicopter crash that leaves them in a deserted town. The survivors must fight together through infected hordes to reach the evac zone on which they can be saved by ... well find out. (this is the final version of The Return campaign)
March 2012
5/5 maps
Extract the vpk to: steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons There are 2 maps Includes: riotshield, knife, custom gamemode gamemode: map mapname backtothebasics1 Credits: Riotshield 85% valve 15% eligri knife: 95% valve 5% eligri
December 2011
August 2011
4/4 maps
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