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    Diescraper Redux

    After being firebombed, the survivors must flee their safehouse, and find their way to safety. Identical to the workshop version. Supported EMS mutations: Holdout (exclusive objects included) Speedrun!! Gun Hunt Gnome Guardians N...

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    Layers of Mutation

    Layers of Mutation is a map that is really fun with different Survival Mutations, can be extremely chaotic with Friends, and happens to be even Harder than my First Map. The map also Includes many Dumpsters that Tanks can send flying int...

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    Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries

    This map is based on Resident Evil 5 mercenaries mode and it uses music from the game itself (owned by CAPCOM) The map can be played as a classic L4D2 survival match or a custom mutation, which contains the real mercenaries mode with ti...

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    Zombie Football

    Even zombies love football. Football stadium map, complete with balls and players. Note: This map is only playable in the included Zombie Football mutation.

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    A survival map located on the rooftops of 2 skyscrapers. Includes; knife, riotshield, custom gamemode! Extract: left4dead2/left 4 dead 2/addons There is a money pile that makes slow mo! Can you find it?! There is a random weapon giver! ...

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    Dead Swamp

    It has rain, insects and fog! It has a riotshield,a knife and multiple version of the map! To use custom gamemode: map mapname BackToTheBasics1 map DeadSwamp BackToTheBasics1 Thank you strumm7 for the videos! All credit of the riotshie...

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    Highway Death

    The survivors are traped on a highway somewhere for some reason :D 80 % of the credit goes to valve 20 % goes to me for editing it Includes: 1 map, custom gamemode, riotshield, knife extract to: steam/steamapps/username/left 4 dead 2/lef...


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