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    The Last Stand (Real)

    This is a port of the missing Last Stand Survival map from Left 4 Dead. Also includes a version set in the day. First original port created Dec 20, 2017 from the workshop. Last updated Jul 3, 2019. Permission for redistribution granted b...

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    Left 4 Dead Survival Maps

    THIS IS OBSOLETE SO PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE ANYMORE, I'M ONLY KEEPING THEM UP FOR ARCHIVING PURPOSES! The original Survival maps from the first Left 4 Dead which Valve never ported, also includes the two No Mercy maps that also n...

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    Last Stand L4D2

    A port of the L4D1 map Light House,with l4d2 items and guns. Full credit to valve for the map, I'm only porting it to l4d2.


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