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    Station Approach

    WIP MAP 1 OF 2 Map can also be found on the Steam Workshop under the title 'Station Approach' After surviving the initial outbreak, 4 survivors find themselves in the outskirts of Greater London. With rumours that there is a safe haven...

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    /!\NOTE : I'm trying to solve the zombies spawn problems which make zombies spawn too far ! Like her Big sister LibertyVille, I keep the same idea of hugeness and fun. It's a big city where you can go everywhere ! Given this is a sequel,...

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    /!\ BIGEST SURVIVAL MAP EVER MADE /!\ ====>Comments and ratings are very welcome ! It's my 1st map so thx to be kind ! My map has 3 motto: You can go EVERYWHERE You can do EVERYTHING There is NO LIMIT You can call a bombing drone You...

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    Cursed City
    Alpha 6.6

    Transported to the hospital to get cure, our survivors are left behind at the hospital and need to find a way to contact the military for help. IMPORTANT!! This campaign is not working correctly. After the first map, the second map doe...

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