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    Revenge: The Final Chapter
    Alpha 5.8

    The survivors van crashes in an abandoned city, then they soon find out they are not alone and they might run into an old friend. This is the final campaign for the 'SpeedBoost Campaign Series'. I wanted to make this because I though La...

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    Last Hours: Chapter 5

    After the events of 'Kicked Out' the helicopter crashes and the survivors most go through a flooded City, Lab and Parking lot. This campaign started being made in March of this year. I have kept this and another campaign... a secret but...

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    Kicked Out: Chapter 4

    A campaign that is a sequel to Never Ending War. I have been working on this campaign for a good long while along with 2 other short campaigns. The survivors get kicked out of Nick Smith's car (then it crashes) and they have to go on th...


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